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The Story Behind Each Tiny Tags

Here we share the stories of celebration, stories of love, and stories of incredible loss.  Please email us at info@tinytags to share with our community.

The Light in Our World

To my beautiful children,

It’s been a long time coming to get you on your way to your daddy and I. Lots of time and lots and lots of needles and doctor’s visits. When you’re young, you never expect to go through certain hurdles in your life. You think that things will work out and that your best plans will fall into place. Well, things did work out. Not as we expected them to, but in many ways, a lot better.

When we started trying to conceive almost 3 years ago, we didn’t expect that month after month we would have to continue trying. We didn’t expect to be sitting in the waiting room of a fertility center, hand in hand, anxiously wondering what would happen next. We didn’t expect to do 3 months of artificial insemination and then 3 rounds of IVF during the year and a half that followed. We didn’t expect the tears or heartache, we didn’t expect all of the medication and procedures, and we didn’t expect the failures each time. We also didn’t expect that our hearts would grow. We didn’t expect we would gain deeper empathy for those struggling with their trials in life. We didn’t expect that we would grow closer than ever, and we didn’t expect that our gratitude would multiply in every facet of our lives. We didn’t expect to see such a beautiful side of life that could only be seen through the hard days.


Now that you are here, my two beautiful babies, we look back and we truly wouldn’t change a thing. I got to see your dad through tear-filled eyes making me laugh instead of cry so I wouldn’t be scared. I got to see him pull up baby pictures on my iPad before giving me my shots so that I could be reminded of the goal. I got to see him tuck me into bed when I was exhausted and have him tell me that it would all be okay. I got to be on the receiving end of hundred of prayers and to feel their power of peace in my soul. I think that I have God and you to thank for that. I have a deep conviction that we can be happy during the hard things that we have to endure in this life because there is always a silver lining if you open your eyes to look for it. I feel empowered in knowing that it’s my choice.


What do I want for you? I want you to remember that you have taught your mama and daddy to be grateful in our trials. Do you understand what a special gift that is? Our entire lives will be happier because of that. You’ve taught us what no else could. When you’re feeling down, I want you to remember that you we wanted you in our family. We wanted you here so much that I injected myself with hundreds of shots for you, and I would do it all again because you’re worth it. I want you to remember that when life gets tough and makes you feel unimportant, that you’re the light in our world and you have brought us joy since before your little heartbeats started beating. Thank you for everything you have given us.


Read more about Jenica Parcell’s journey on her blog A Slice of Style and follow @asliceofstyle

Three Survivors & Three Daughters

I grew up vacationing in Westport a quaint, seaside town in Massachusetts. It was in Westport, where my mom and I met two of the most incredible ladies and their young daughters. The three of us daughters are forever connected not only because of our love of Westport and the memories we shared there, but also because all three of our moms have battled breast cancer.

My mom was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in the Spring of 2006 and she survived her battle heroically, as have my friends two moms. These two women are role models to me just like my mother. The three of us daughters have a bond like no other and we will never take the moments we get with our moms for granted.

In October of 2015, the three of us were asked to be part of Runway for Recovery. Runway for Recovery is an amazing event where breast cancer survivors walk the runway to remember their fight, and where family members walk in honor of those who have passed away. The three of us were asked to walk hand-in-hand with our moms. Right before we walked on stage, our moms presented us each with a special Tiny Tags. Tears filled our eyes as we saw that each Tiny Tags had our initial on the front and the nautical coordinates of Westport on the other. Just like Westport, this event will forever be special to me and now this bond is not only inside us, but it is shown on the outside whenever we wear our special necklaces.


Three Survivors & Three Daughters
Three Survivors & Three Daughters

A Mother’s Hope for a Child—My Dream Come True

My husband and I were married on October 24, 2009, I had just turned 37. Soon after our honeymoon, I was pregnant. But sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. Time passed and in a few months I was pregnant again and we couldn’t have been more excited. But two months later, that perfectly strong heartbeat was gone. I took this loss terribly. I was heartbroken and inconsolable.

The reality of my age—now nearing 40—set in. My doctor suggested seeing a specialist who informed me that my chances of ever having a child were very slim due to my medical history. I was devastated and had some of the darkest days of my life.

One day, my husband came home with a little gift for me, a circle necklace with the word ‘hope’. My husband wrote me a beautiful note to go with that necklace. Some of his words to me were, “Wear this, Diane, and believe. Don’t give up. One day, you will be wearing our child’s name written in gold around your neck.”

After so many years, “my dream came true” on January 8, 2013 and my little girl was born. When they placed her in my arms, I cried and those were the first words I said to her (after I told her “Mommy loves you”). On this past Mother’s Day, I opened the most beautiful gold necklace, with our daughters name and birthdate with the most precious words engraved on the back “my dream come true.”

Thank you, Tiny Tags for my BEAUTIFUL necklace, there are no words to describe what it means to me!!! To all who struggle, may you never lose hope!!


If you or someone you know is struggling with fertility issues, please visit for more information.

Tiny Tags Mommy Jewelry: THE STORY BEHIND THE TAG

What's Most Precious to Me

These passed few years have been a whirlwind for my family of 6. My husband has had 4 different jobs, we’ve moved 3 times from NorCal to SoCal and back again, our kids have changed schools, and medical issues have landed us in the hospital with our daughter many times. I’d say it’s been a struggle! Our faith has taught us that trials produce perseverance. This was an opportunity to bring us closer as a family and grow.

At the end of our time in SoCal we were surprised that we’d be welcoming our 4th child! This scared me as a mama, to be honest, living 100’s of miles away from family and friends. But Abrie’s arrival brought with it an unbelievable amount of joy—and hope. It also brought an opportunity for us to move back home, an answered prayer for us.

Life’s trials will never fully melt away, but we are so thankful to have learned what we learned through it all, and that we’ve stuck together and grown stronger as a unit. To me, this pendant represents what’s most precious to me—our family and its’ solidity.

Thank you, Tiny Tags, for this beautiful token of the bond of family!

Sarah, mama of 4

The Hurricane

Michele and her husband Ken moved to Arkansas 13 years ago. During these years the close circle of friends Michele had became like family since all of their families lived far away. Michele decided to celebrate these incredible friendships and her 40th birthday by planning a trip to Mexico. At the start of the trip, Michelle surprised each one of them with their own Tiny Tags personalized with their children’s names.

Michelle did not realize then how important these little necklaces would mean to all these moms in just 3 days. Three days later, Mexico was hit with a category 4 hurricane and the girls were evacuated out of their hotel into a shelter. “During the storm, it was so scary with the hurricane force wind and rain and not knowing what was going to happen. I remember looking over at one of my friends and seeing her holding her Tiny Tags. We all were praying that we would be ok and get home to our children.” says Michele. Michele and her friends were extremely lucky and were able to return home 4 days after the storm. Reflecting back on the experience, Michele feels it created an even strong bond among this circle of moms.


Julia got Beau when he was an 8 week old puppy during her junior year of college at Loyola University. Her friends and family thought she was crazy for getting a puppy; the time commitment, financial costs, apartment arrangement and her academic responsibilities, but she had her heart set on it and was ready for the responsibility! Beau became her best friend and Julie loved caring for him.

Sadly, when Beau was still a puppy, he became terminally ill and passed away. Julia was heart broken. Julia asked us to make a Tiny Tags that would honor and celebrate her sweet Beau. “I have not taken my Tiny Tag necklace off since the day I got it! The small gold circle and dog paw tag is a perfect simple, yet elegant, way to wear the love I have for my little nugget every day!”

1 tag  w/ Paw heart Necklace <br> 24K Gold Plated