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Nana, the Great!

Nana Wearing Gold Ring Circle Necklace - Tiny Tags

Meet Nana the Great, otherwise known as Debbi Musen, mom to @MelissaGerstein from @TheMomsNetwork

This year my mom celebrated her 70th Birthday. There is nothing in life that means more to her than her family, especially her 5 grandchildren. My sister and I wanted to give her something she could wear close to her heart––a Tiny Tags necklace engraved with the names and birth dates all 5 grandchildren. For me, I wanted to gift my mom something beautiful and timeless that she can wear everyday, with everything. She lives in St. Louis. We live in New York City. Since we can’t hug and kiss each other everyday, this necklace is a daily reminder of our love. We are always close with “Nana, the Great,” even when she’s far away. We love you so much Nana!

—Debbi Musen

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