Tiny Tags Featured on City Girl Gone Mom

Tiny Tags was featured on City Girl Gone Mom


The bond between a mother and her child is more special that I’d ever imagined. After having four children, I don’t know if it’s humanly possible for my heart to grow bigger than it already has. Motherhood has cast the widest range of emotions I’ve ever experienced. Sure, there are days where I want to hide in the pantry (and I do), but for the most part, the minute I wake up and see their little faces, my heart skips a beat, making all the obstacles in life null and void.


I didn’t grow up with siblings, rather a big family of cousins. So, to watch everything I dreamed of as a little girl come full circle in my children’s lives is such a gift. I thank my lucky stars and count my blessings every day! I love that I get to experience the dynamic from a mother’s perspective, alongside an amazing husband who makes us his priority. And when it comes to sharing my love for my family with the world, I am all about sentimental mommy jewelry that tells our story.



Tiny Tags, my newfound love… also celebrates motherhood. This company understands moms because it was created by one. If you’re reading this, you probably already know this about me, but I am a proud mom who doesn’t shy away from showcasing her greatest achievements (aka my four children). If I could, I’d have a billboard that shows just how much I love my people. Tiny Tags totally gets it with their unique, personalized jewelry with the names, dates and letters you love the most.  Truly the best gift for mom!




I love Tiny Tags because each piece tells a story. Whether stories of celebration, stories of love or loss, this company gets how important our own personal journey is. I chose a beautiful gold cuff to celebrate my marriage. Tiny Tags surprised me with my anniversary inscribed in Roman numerals. On the inside, I channeled my junior high self, and requested “Danielle loves Bobby.” For my necklace, I chose the gold circle pendant with all four of my kids’ names in lowercase letters.


I love being a mom. As we all know, sometimes it’s a crazy journey, and navigating the waters with four little humans in tow is a tough job, but oh, so rewarding. With the holiday season approaching, I’m on a mission to give more gifts of sentiment this year. Tiny Tags is the perfect present for anyone who lives with love and intent, and wants to share their story with the world.  If you’re searching for new mom gifts, gifts for mom or gifts for grandmothers that she will adore, make sure to check out the gorgeous pieces from Tiny Tags.