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Tiny Tags on Rachel Ray Every Day!

Tiny Tags featured on Rachel Ray Every Day Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Little Luxuries for Mom Under $100 Treat a lady to any of these spa inspired little luxuries—all under $100. It’ll make her day, and, come to think of it, maybe you need some of them, too? DANIELLE BLUNDELL MAY 2, 2018 1. Sweet […]

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Tiny Tags On People.Com - Tiny Tags 10 Editor-Approved Mother’s Day Gifts 10 Editor-Approved Mother’s Day Gifts Starting at $10 Before you start your Mother’s Day shopping, take a cue from our editors who found the most coveted fashion and beauty items that every mom wants (even if she won’t admit it). From fancy hair brushes to gorgeous jewelry, these are the things mom won’t splurge […]

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Gold Circle Necklace - Tiny Tags

Tiny Tags Interview in Mini Magazine

When you’re looking for the perfect gift for the mom in your life—from push present to birthday to holiday—or even grandma or friend, we’ve found there’s one place that offers the best way to keep your Minis close, Tiny Tags. This personalized jewelry brand does it all—bracelets, bangles, necklaces—and gives you a special piece you’ll want […]

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Tiny Tags Gifts For Twins Mom - Tiny Tags

Tiny Tags Featured in Twiniversity

It’s that time of year again! Are you wondering what holiday gifts will make that twin mom in your life happy? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered a wide variety of perfect gifts for twin moms. The Wearable Mom Tiny Tags are the PERFECT gift for the mom in your life. These […]

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Bridget Hunt Wearing Gold Mini Dog Charm Necklace 2 Names - Tiny Tags

Tiny Tags on Tales of Me and the Husband

Tiny Tags was featured on “Tales of Me and the Husband”  one. bootstraps (as in the band). a reader told me about them in a comment recently and i’m so glad i looked them up (and that she told me!). they’re all really good. the covers are fantastic! start with earned it. i’ve had them on repeat. two. reading […]

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