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Push Present – Love It or Leave It?

Push Present – Love It or Leave It?


By Leah Bryant | Twiniversity

With the advancement of technology and the surge of social media, the visibility of giving a new mom a push present has exploded. A push present is a gift given to a new mom by her spouse to celebrate the birth of her child. Although the idea might not be new, the array of gift ideas and expectations may have caused a drift from the traditional to the trendy. But has the popularity of the push present become too important to some moms, pulling focus from the true gift of childbirth?

Women often feel they carry more of the challenges of bringing a child into this world; whether it’s overcoming fertility issues, adoption hurdles, or watching her body change and navigating the overwhelming (and sometimes scary) aspects of carrying a child for nine months. Coupled with an baby industry that is adding additional expectations to new parents with gender reveal parties, complex baby registries with $1000 strollers and push presents. With all this noise, the greatest gift of becoming a parent may somehow be overshadowed.

Owner and founder of Tiny Tags, Melissa Clayton, had this to say, “We are hearing more moms and dads refer to the term “push present” when describing a gift for a new mom. It is not my favorite term. I believe that a child is the greatest, most precious gift and holding that child in your arms – well, no material thing can every capture that gift. Of course, presenting a new mom a gift to celebrate her journey into motherhood is sweet and romantic, but I do not think there should be an expectation of a gift or a “present”. When Dads call in a panic, I tell them to buy a journal and write a letter about what it means to share this incredible journey of parenthood with her.” Some spouses are going over the top with push presents: 24-karat diamond jewelry, gold watches, luxury cars, expensive handbags. When the push present becomes more exciting and anticipated than the birth of the child, that’s when everyone involved needs to take a step back and reprioritize. A push present should not be a reward for pushing out a baby; it should be a way to commemorate the wonderous moment that a new child was brought into the world, changing a family forever.

The new bond between mother and baby is important and should be celebrated. One might consider surprising their significant other with a gift that is not only relevant to the new mom, but will also hold a special meaning for their children down the line. For some, this might be a one of a kind figurine or collectable, and for others, a piece of personalized jewelry. These can become family heirlooms and be passed down through the generations, assuring that the commemoration of mother and child is celebrated for many years to come.

While the motivation behind giving a push present is well meaning, in the digital age the priority can be towards the flashy and trendy, and less about the family created and the bond between mother and child. If you’re considering buying a push present, aim for a gift that is both beautiful and meaningful for you and your new mom. But truly, a really nice handwritten letter telling your spouse how much she is loved will be worth more to them than all the gifts in the world.


Leah Bryant is a stay at home mom of three, identical twin girls and a son. She is a proud Kansas native (insert favorite Toto quote here) and currently resides in the Kansas City metro area. Besides being constantly surprised by the wonders of raising twins and caring for her family, Leah’s hobbies include cooking/baking, gardening, reading actual grown up books along with Dr. Seuss, and cheering on her favorite home-grown sports teams. Leah is a writer for


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