About Us

Tiny Tags' mission is to celebrate our most precious gift and the journey of motherhood.

Melissa's Story

My greatest joy since starting Tiny Tags has been hearing from moms about what having a Tiny Tags necklace means to them. From new moms beaming with pride and love over their new bundle of joy, to moms who are wearing their necklaces in remembrance of their little ones, or as a symbol of strength for those loved ones dealing with a personal struggle, Tiny Tags is a company dedicated to celebrating children and the incredible journey of motherhood'. We do this through our jewelry but equally as important through our actions and how we give back to our community.

The gift of motherhood is to be cherished and adorned. Melissa, Tiny Tags Founder & CEO

The Tiny Tags difference

Lifetime guarantee. Lifetime of love.

We use a highly complex, sophisticated, laser machine to engrave our tags. The tag is never touched or cut unlike diamond engraving which cuts the metal. Over 14 artisans are involved in every single Tiny Tags. Our quality and craftsmanship is all backed with a lifetime guarantee including chains. Tiny Tags is the only company with this guarantee.

Our Heart

Paying forward. Giving back.

As a mother of three beautiful, healthy children, I am deeply aware of life's blessings, and I am passionate about giving back. Every month, Tiny Tags donates to Save the Children, Plan USA, and the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and our goal is to keep on giving. We welcome emails from out customers to learn about other non-profit organizations that may be near and dear to their hearts, and we are always willing to provide auction items for charity events. Please contact me at melissa@tinytags.com

Heading home birthday party hosted by Tiny Tags

Team Tiny Tags at St. Jude Walk

Need an Auction Item?

Are you involved in your local fund raiser? We love to donate - please email: kate@tinytags.com to learn more.

Meet Team Tiny Tags

Melissa Clayton

Founder & CEO

Melissa Clayton is CEO and founder of Tiny Tags. Melissa was a former CPA who knew she had to break out on her own. Her path to Tiny Tags happened after the birth of her son and she was not able to find the mommy necklace she wanted. Melissa then set out to redefine 'mommy jewelry' with simple, classic designs that would last a lifetime. Fast forward years later, Tiny Tags is adorned by celebrities and moms all over the globe. Tiny Tags has been featured in People Magazine, PeopleStyleWatch, NBC’s Today Show, CBS’s The Talk, and many more. Tiny Tags’ mission is to celebrate children and is committed to helping women and children in need. This commitment is the hallmark of Tiny Tags and is evident in everything Tiny Tags is a part of, from organizing a charity walk with St. Judes to hosting birthday parties for children in homeless shelters. Melissa is obsessed with entrepreneurship and sharing the lessons she has learned along the way with other women and young girls. Melissa earned a BA in philosophy from University of Massachusetts, an MS in accounting, and MBA from Northeastern.