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Michelle's Reflection

Michelle's Reflection

What does ‘loving yourself first so you can love another’ mean to you and share examples of when you did show up for yourself and examples of when you didn’t?

I love the airplane analogy that you need to get your own oxygen first before you can help others. I see this play out in all aspects of my life – if I’m not taking care of myself and doing what I need to do to feel good, I can’t do a good job as a mom or a boss.

A time where I wasn’t showing up for myself in the way I needed was when my second, Jack, was born. I went right back to work after just a few short weeks without taking a proper maternity leave and the time that I needed to get back on my feet. As a result, I wasn’t showing up for myself or anyone around me. My physical and mental health suffered from it, to the point that I was literally walking sideways from the lack of sleep! Luckily, my husband recognized what was happening, called me out on it, and got a night nurse for a couple weeks so that I could get proper sleep and take care of my body and health. In doing so, I was able to actually show up for my newborn, my toddler, and LIVELY in a way that I couldn’t have otherwise.

I show up for myself every single day by giving myself the gift of a sweat. Even if it’s only 10 or 20 minutes, I make it a priority because I know how much better it makes me feel – I’m more clear-minded, energized and creative for the rest of the day and can therefore show up to all of my roles (mom, boss, etc.) 10x better. 

How do they teach their children to love themselves?

As a family, we teach our children to love themselves by consistently telling them how proud of them we are. We make it a point to do so every single day as part of their bedtime routine. We talk about the specific things we’re proud of them for and what makes them unique, so they can learn to recognize these things in themselves and love themselves for it.

- Michelle Grant (@the_michellegrant

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