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Fine, Personalized Jewelry for Moms

Fine, Personalized Jewelry for Moms

Tiny Tags on Tales of Me and the Husband

Tiny Tags on Tales of Me and the Husband


Tiny Tags was featured on “Tales of Me and the Husband” 

one. bootstraps (as in the band). a reader told me about them in a comment recently and i’m so glad i looked them up (and that she told me!). they’re all really good. the covers are fantastic! start with earned it. i’ve had them on repeat.

two. reading chapter books to kids. parker and i just started pippi longstocking. he thinks it’s hilarious–she has a horse on her porch! and a monkey named mr. nilsson riding around on her shoulder! when i read the part about how she doesn’t have any parents and can stay up as late as she wants, he said something along the lines of, “i still am glad i live with you.” (thanks, parker. i’m glad too.) we’ll watch the movie after we finish (and i remember LOVING it; for some reason her washing her house with the scrub brushes attached to her feet still is in my memory.). i can’t wait.

threethis tiny tags necklace that i’m wearing above (and in a lot of pictures recently). it has EVERYONE’S initials on it. mine and steve’s on one side, and all the kids on the other. i love it. (cue sweet thing by van morrison) when i brush parker’s teeth at night, he flips it around in his hand looking at all the initials. (he asked me why gracie’s wasn’t on it at one point! sorry buddy, dogs don’t get a spot–especially with the amount of names we have!). thank you tiny tags!!

four. the sweaters here. all of them! i could fill my closet with sweaters of the neutral variety and still want more.

five. pomegranates. i bought my first two the other day and they were delicious. it took me a full 30 minutes to remove each and every seed but it’s all the more satisfying that way. (bonus: makes for a good kid-activity. parker sat and did it for awhile the other day.)

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