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Caitlin McHugh: Sharing the Love

Caitlin McHugh: Sharing the Love

This week, we spoke with Caitlin McHugh an American actress, writer, model, mother, and the wife of actor, John Stamos.

TINY TAGS: What has been the biggest surprise of becoming a mother?

CAITLIN: Before I had Billy (named after John’s Dad), I had no idea breastfeeding was such a learned skill for both mama and baby. Animals in the wild seem to pick it up easily, but it was something we both practiced and practiced before getting proficient at it—plus a lot of nipple balm later….lol. Also, I am surprised how quickly time flies!  Hours pass by like seconds when I’m hanging out with my son.

TINY TAGS: Tell us about St. Amos Jewelry with My Saint My Hero. How did you come up with the idea? What do you hope to accomplish with it?

CAITLIN: My husband has been wearing My Saint My Hero bracelets for years. He loves to give them off his wrist to people he encounters. I’ve seen first hand the smiles he gives along with the bracelets. It really can make someone’s day. We hope our bracelet set, which includes two bracelets per purchase with the intention of wearing one and sharing one, will spread smiles, making kindness and generosity a trend. We’re also happy to give 100% of our portion of the proceeds to one of our favorite charities, Childhelp. This organization has helped over one million children who have suffered from child abuse in this country.

TINY TAGS: How did you come up with the designs for your bracelets?

CAITLIN: Neither John nor I have any experience designing jewelry, but we somehow came up with one side of the bead on our own. The other side of the bead is a traditional Jerusalem cross, which happens to have Greek crosses incorporated into the design—a nod to John’s Greek ancestry. The bracelet weave is the one My Saint My Hero has used from the beginning, though they have many other beautiful designs now as well.

TINY TAGS: Do you still plan on modeling now that you’re a mom?

CAITLIN: For now, I’m enjoying spending all my time with my family. I’m not sure when I’ll go back to modeling. I love modeling and have been in that line of work for over a decade, but it requires a lot of traveling and I ’m not ready to leave Billy yet.

TINY TAGS: How did you meet your husband? What is it like being married to John Stamos? For so many of us, he’s such a significant part of our pop culture!

CAITLIN: Once upon a time, in 2011, John and I met when we worked on Law and Order: SVU together. He played a guy who wanted to “spread his seed,” make as many babies as possible. I happened to be the last lady he was trying to dupe into motherhood before getting arrested. It took him seven years, but eventually he achieved his goal! Our relationship was strictly professional then. We happened to run into each other years later and struck up a friendship based on our mutual love of Disney and musicals that eventually grew into a relationship.

He’s just as lovable in real life as he seems. Billy and I are very lucky to call him family. As a father, he is extremely attentive, present, fun. I believe being a good father is being a good husband too. He helps me a LOT by trading off early morning baby shifts with me to allow me a little extra sleep, cooking delicious meals, running errands, making sure we have good quality time together as a couple and family, and all of it with a good sense of humor. He’ll also be a good example of what a man/father/husband should be for his son. Couldn’t have picked a better daddy for Billy.

TINY TAGS: What are the lessons you’ve learned from other women that you’ve brought forward in your journey of motherhood?

CAITLIN: Give yourself a break. Do the best you can, but know there is no “perfection.” Ask for help when you need it, or even just want it. It takes a village to raise kids. You can go crazy and lose yourself if you try to do it all on your own.

TINY TAGS: How has becoming parents changed your marriage?

CAITLIN: We really feel like a family unit after the arrival of Billy, we’re a team. We’ve grown to be more patient and understanding with each other.

TINY TAGS: What would you tell your younger self?

CAITLIN: I’d tell my younger self to pursue every interest I have with determination. Even if I just thought I might be interested in something I would tell myself, don’t dismiss the thought. Think you might be interested in singing? Take voice lessons! (Something I was too scared to do when I was young). Don’t be so hard on yourself, so negative (I was so negative). You CAN do whatever you set your mind and energy on.

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