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Beautiful Complications

Beautiful Complications

Beautiful Complications

My pregnancy was not an easy one. Once my husband and I decided to start a family, we were excited that we became pregnant very quickly. My 35th Birthday was approaching and we were getting excited to announce the big news to all of our family and friends. Unfortunately, our excitement turned to disappointment when we realized I was having a miscarriage.

We decided to try again because that loss made us realize even more how badly we wanted to start a family. Month after month passed and my frustration grew. Another year had almost passed and we were not getting pregnant. The reality of my birthday approaching again made me realize time was not on my side and I was only getting older.

Perhaps I just wasn’t supposed to be a mother. Perhaps I was supposed to be that really awesome aunt. Just as we were getting ready to give up and stop trying we became pregnant again. The loss of my first pregnancy was still so fresh in my mind, but I finally started to enjoy the pregnancy and allow myself to be excited again. Everything was going great… until I went into labor at only 22 weeks. The doctors tried to stop the labor with medication, giving us a 50/50 chance of stopping the baby from coming early. But at just 22 weeks, we were told the baby may not survive or may have serious health issues if he were to survive.

I was put on bed rest that day and I had to stop working. I was prescribed two different types of medications to help stop the labor and I was allergic to both! But I had to continue to take it or risk preterm labor again. With three doctor appointments every week, we managed to keep the baby in and once again things were looking up.

Around 33 weeks pregnant, I began to develop very high blood pressure. Soon after that, I developed rapid weight gain, swelling, and vision loss. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia, a serious condition that can result later in pregnancy and can ultimately lead to maternal and fetal death if left untreated. In many cases, those symptoms go away after the baby is delivered.

The doctors continued to monitor me and we made it to 37 weeks. We could not wait any longer. He was losing oxygen and I was sent to the hospital to have the baby that very day. I now have a beautiful almost 2-month-old son named, Rhett. He is absolutely perfect.

I am currently still being monitored and treated for preeclampsia. I am one of those rare cases where the preeclampsia doesn’t fully go away. I hope one day soon my blood pressure and other remaining symptoms will eventually go away. Until then, every time I look down at my beautiful Tiny Tags necklace, I am reminded daily that it was all worth it.

All the complications were worth it—the first miscarriage, the preterm labor, the bed rest, the allergic reactions to the medications saving my baby’s life, and the preeclampsia that I am still dealing with, were all worth it! Those complications made me a stronger person and now I finally am able to say I was meant to be a mom. I may have not have had the easiest road to motherhood, but I am here and enjoying every moment.

— Kristie H. (Mamma to Rhett and Tiny Tags fan for life.)

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