For Ages and Ages

Gold Engraved Bracelet - Tiny Tags
Mom Holding A Babay Wearing Gold Cuff - Tiny Tags

As I prepared to travel back to Serbia, the country of my birth, to baptize my second child, Luka, I struggled to find the perfect gift for my best friend and Luka’s soon-to-be godmother, Ivana. The gold cuff bracelet from Tiny Tags was absolutely perfect for the occasion. I had the cuff engraved with “za vijek i vjekova” (for ages and ages), followed by both of my children’s names, Viktor and Luka. It was a perfectly fitting way to depict that Ivana’s bond with my children (she is godmother to both) was eternal, lasting for ages and ages. Thank you, Tiny Tags, for expediting it to me just in the nick of time! It’s perfect.

—Aleksandra Chojnacki