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"I'll Always be Your Mother"

On September 20th, 2021 after nearly 3 years of infertility and 36 months of singular pink lines on dozens and dozens of tests loudly proclaiming “NO," we got our very first positive pregnancy test. Cue the excitement!  We were over the MOON. We couldn’t believe we finally were getting our turn to experience pregnancy, decorating a nursery, arguing over baby names,  feeling little baby kicks through my belly- all the things! We FINALLY were going to be able to bring a baby home and start the family we dreamed of! 
But then my first prenatal appointment at 12 weeks came and shattered our hearts into a million pieces.They couldn’t find a heartbeat. And our whole world collapsed.The pain that comes with being told your child has died is an unimaginable horror I wish no one else ever had to know. With agony ripping through my throat and sobs splitting my chest in two, I also had an unexplainable knowing that the Lord had a plan for the gut-wrenching pain we were now living.

We knew that our teeny babe was in heaven whole and perfect, and we rejoiced in that! We waited for my body to finally miscarry/birth our baby and on the morning of November 17th, 2021, in the comfort of our home, welcomed our beautiful sleeping little boy. We named him Fallon and what a GIFT it was to see his teeny formed body! We buried him in our backyard and, while was needed, it stung. I was supposed to always have my baby holding my hand by my side, not visit his gravesite just to try and feel him near. That’s when Tiny Tags came into play and became the most important keepsake I ever had!

One of my favorite influencers on Instagram, Madi Nelson, always was sharing about all the beautiful Tiny Tags jewelry she had. I loved the gorgeous personalized necklaces she constantly wore with her babies names engraved so that they were close to her heart. At the time, I couldn’t wait until I had my own baby to be able to wear that same style necklace every day- I adored it.

The day after I passed our baby at home, I happened to be listlessly scrolling Instagram when that same lovely influencer, Madi, was sharing about her Tiny Tags again, but this time with a promo code.Since they don’t have sales often, I was ecstatic at the timing and immediately jumped and ordered a Mini Dog Tag necklace with our little boys name, Fallon, on it. 



How incredibly special that I would soon be wearing that necklace and keeping him close to me every day! Every day until that package came I eagerly tracked and awaited its arrival. Those first long months glancing in a mirror and not seeing a growing belly were especially painful. Passing a very pregnant mama in the store made my throat swell up. Pregnancy and birth announcements of babies that would be born around Fallon’s due date were just another salt in my wound of what I no longer got to have.

But every time something painful would stab at my heart, I would look down and rub my necklace instead. A reminder every day that though we don’t get to hold our Fallon here on earth, he has never been forgotten. Our very first baby.He gets to be up with Jesus instead and one day we’ll get to be there too! JJ Heller wrote a beautiful song called “Always” about miscarriage from the perspective of a mother that got me through oh so many nights after losing our baby.

“You will always be my baby,

You will always have my love.

I will always, always be your mother.”


You will always and forever see me wearing my sacred Tiny Tags necklace of Fallon’s name. Dressed up, dressed down, it’s always on. Forever thankful to Tiny Tags for making the most gorgeous, sentimental and highest quality keepsake for keeping just a piece of our Fallon close to my heart here on earth!

- Kenna Agpoon (@theoriginalkenna


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“I’m so in love with my tiny tags necklace, and the customer service at tiny tags is also so incredible! I needed assistance more than once, and they went above and beyond every time for me! xo”

Mariah Z.

"Beautiful, I love it, it has meaning, very classy and will be a staple item in my jewelry collection."

Jacqueline M.

"I will never take this necklace off. Three boys and along came a girl! Yes, I bought this for myself. A present for me! Thank you- I love it!"

Lisa B.

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