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Joyful Always

Joyful Always

My Tiny Tags necklace is a precious reminder of the peace, joy, and love that I live in every day. I created it to wear during my husband’s deployments—when the Army whisks him away from me and our three children—as a reminder to pray for him and keep my mind and heart focused. It stands for peace that God loves my husband even more that I do, that He sees me when I feel alone, and that every moment and every day of our lives has been purposed and numbered. For joy in the beautiful moments of life, the journey of growth through challenges, and my hope that is secure in heaven. For love for my husband, my children, and the mission God has called us both to. And, above all, receiving God’s extravagant love and undeserving grace for me every day.


I have found the one my soul loves! Before my man decided to serve in the military when we were just 19, I knew he was the one! And I was proud of him and excited for the life we were beginning. Praise be to God, 11 years later, that a cord of three strands is not easily broken. While we are no strangers to separations and long crazy work hours, we have just embarked on the long anticipated journey of our first deployment. Our vows may be tested, but I take comfort that no matter how near or far my husband is (or seems) God’s strong grip on us never even frays. My heart charm symbolizes our deep love for each other and God’s protection over our marriage. (Song 3:4 and Eccle. 4:12)


I am honored to send him to the other side of the world and anchor the home front. While I eagerly anticipate his return, I play an active and essential role in moving the mission forward. God never wastes a moment! My daily prayer is that I will be joyful always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances. I aim to set about my work vigorously, extend my hands to the needy, speak with wisdom and faithful instruction, watch over the affairs of my household and bring my husband good every day so he lacks nothing and has full confidence in me. I pray to be clothed with strength to smile at the future. My mini dog tag (1 Thess. 5:16-18 and Prov. 31) represents my part in our family mission in both deployment seasons as well as our long life journey together building our family’s legacy.


While it’s not easy to share him sometimes, I know God has anointed my husband with a mission in the military with many gifts and talents with which to bless countless men and women. I pray that as he brings healing, leadership, and encouragement to many, God is cultivating through him “oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor” and that he will always be ready to give an answer for the hope that he has. The second mini dog tag on my necklace captures the mission of my husband down range (Isa. 61:1-3 and 1 Pet 3:15) and my daily prayers on his behalf. Did I mention I’m a silver girl but chose gold to represent the refining process of trials?  (1 Pet 1:7) and yes, the baby is still crying…


What a blessed journey of searching the Scriptures to uncover the commands and promises of God to carry around my neck and in my heart during times of separation from my husband. Some of my favorite moments of these present days is when our youngest takes the charms gently in her precious tiny hands and says “mama-dada” with that sweet, trusting smile of a child.  I can only imagine the richness of discussing the meaning of these same charms with her ten or twenty years in the future.


Mamas and sisters unite! In addition to the power of a praying wife, several other precious praying women of our family are daily carrying our soldier and our family around their neck, anointing all of us in prayer and God with praise.  They all chose a different Tiny Tags piece and Scripture! We have skinny bars, circle pendants, cuffs and charms of all shapes praying for protection and strength, fighting fear and worry, and claiming the abundant life won for us by Jesus every day.


Be great and come home soon my love!

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“I’m so in love with my tiny tags necklace, and the customer service at tiny tags is also so incredible! I needed assistance more than once, and they went above and beyond every time for me! xo”

Mariah Z.

"Beautiful, I love it, it has meaning, very classy and will be a staple item in my jewelry collection."

Jacqueline M.

"I will never take this necklace off. Three boys and along came a girl! Yes, I bought this for myself. A present for me! Thank you- I love it!"

Lisa B.

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