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The Fab Four

The Fab Four

Mom Wearing Gold Bar Necklace With 4 Names Engraved - Tiny Tags
Photo by Kimberly Murphy
Mommy With Family Wearing Gold Skinny Bar - Tiny Tags

If you would’ve told me I’d have four kids within four years, I would’ve said you were absolutely crazy.

But crazy is how we roll around here.

We call our kids the Fab Four – three daughters and a son, all under the age of four.

After years of infertility treatments, we decided to grow our family through adoption. Eighteen months after adopting our first daughter, we received a call about another. And when we finalized her adoption, we found out that — against all odds — I was pregnant… with another baby girl!

Our fourth miracle joined the family six months ago, and he has brought tremendous joy and healing to our souls.

Life hasn’t worked out quite how my husband and I would’ve planned, but it certainly has turned out so much better.

The Universe brought our children to us in such special and unique ways, and being chosen as their mother is my greatest privilege.

– Shelley S.

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